Law Office of Mayer Gordon Testimonials

Kathy Sterbling is a very special lady. I have referred her to many of my family and friends. She will get whatever you need done. She is awesome and very knowledgable. I highly recommend her.

– Gail

I was in need of a disability law firm to assist with my SSD appeal and a friend referred me to Kathy Sterbling. Kathy was so caring and devoted to winning my case. She was always a call, text or email away to answer my questions and address my concerns. I am so blessed that I found Kathy!

– Kevin

When I decided that I was finally going to apply for disability after working, in severe pain, for 20 years, a friend gave me one phone number. It was for Kathy Sterbling, Paralegal for Social Security Disability. I admit, I was skeptical at first wondering if it would really be an added “benefit” to have someone represent me and then there was the question of having to pay for representation. Well, it was singlehandedly one of the BEST decisions my husband and I had ever made in our entire lives.

From the first phone call to Kathy, where she talked with me for over an hour, to the many, many meetings that she had with my husband and I to filling out and filing the initial paperwork, which was a nightmare, to her her consistent and constant availability. Kathy was ALWAYS accessible whether it be by email, text, phone calls, or her willingness to meet with me as many times as I needed.

She went way beyond her “usual and required” job responsibilities and for the TWO year journey that it took to complete this arduous process, Kathy was so much more than a secret weapon in navigating the SSD bureaucracy. She was a friend, always there to talk me down when I got overwhelmed, sad, or frustrated and would answer my millions of questions- even when I had already asked them multiple times. She gave me a safe place to accept my disability and the circumstances surrounding it and never wavered from her confidence in my approval at the end of this long SSD process. I learned very early on that this woman knows her stuff and when she tells you “this is exactly what is going to happen,” she was always, always right.

I don’t know how someone goes through this process without someone like Kathy to help guide them. Her official title may be a paralegal but to us, we just call her our “Guardian Angel.” We cannot adequately express our immense gratitude to her for her guidance, kindness, and support through this entire process.

– Mary Beth K

“Mayer Gordon is a five star attorney! He fought the insurance companies for me and won! He never backed down. He did an outstanding job on my case and, most importantly, he was always there for me. When I called the office, I never had to wait to talk to him. In fact, his entire staff was extremely helpful and professional.

– William Myers, Redford Township

“The results that Mayer got for me are fantastic! He has done a wonderful job! Mayer and his staff are always there for me to answer my questions – they are like family to me! I recommend Mayer Gordon to all my family and friends.”

– Victoria Whitlow, Taylor

My wife and I can’t say enough about Attorney Mayer Gordon. While other lawyers talk a good game, we have seen Mr. Gordon in action working hard to protect our rights and secure the maximum the law provides for us. I would recommend Mr. Gordon to anyone who needs a tireless, diligent attorney to represent their interest. He is simply the best!

– Edward and Joanne Reizen, West Bloomfield

Mayer Gordon has not only been our attorney for over 20 years, but we have also had a wonderful personal relationship with him. I was crippled up from an accident with no one else to turn to or depend on. Mayer was there for us 150%, helping with all our needs. As a person and a friend they come no better than Mayer Gordon.

– Randall H. Dennis and Phyllis K. Dennis, Frederick, MI

Sometimes the lines are blurred as to whether to consider Mayer Gordon my attorney or my friend. But what is always crystal clear is that he’s tough, he’s dedicated, he’s persistent and he never hesitates when it comes to taking on the “giants”. I’ve had numerous friends ask me, “Leon, I need a good attorney. Do you know any?” My response is, “Sure, I know lots of good attorneys. I also know a great one. Call Mayer B. Gordon. He’s a fighter…but more than that, he’s a winner!”

– Leon Martin, Detroit